In the industrial, renewable energy, pharmaceutical, and food sectors:

We assist organizations in adapting to climate change. We’re fighting decrease in biodiversity and increase species diversity

We help develop business and investments in harmony with nature

Our clients see the benefits of implementing an ESG strategy. By staying up to date with new regulations and requirements, they increase the value of their companies and investments.

We support responsible organizations and their teams in companies such as:

Explore the positive impacts of implementing a Biodiversity Management Plan (BMP)

A business that operates in isolation from the environment is exposed to greater risk than ever before. Our clients understand the importance of requirements and the need to adapt to them.

How to stop the decrease of biodiversity and improve the environment on photovoltaic farms?

A well-prepared BMP can even increase biodiversity on PV farms.

How to implement biodiversity protection into your business strategy?

Many organizations are already taking actions to protect biodiversity by including environmental protection in their strategies.

How to design wind farms in harmony with nature?

How does proper planning and monitoring of wind farms contribute to the
protection of biodiversity?

The benefits of a well-executed biodiversity management plan

Companies from various sectors such as: industrial, renewable energy, pharmaceutical, food and other, have numerous benefits that come with aligning their operations in harmony with nature.

Simplified process of obtaining administrative permits

Investments require many consents and documents, which, with a proper Biodiversity Management Plan (BMP), are more likely to secure the required permits from governmental authorities.

Banks and investment funds allocate equity more easily

Equity allocated by such institutions is statistically more often granted to companies that present plans to safely manage nature and natural resources.

Transparent and simplified reporting

Environmental regulations imposed from higher authorities, like holding companies, become easier to implement after a good inventory and with a practical action plan – tailored to the investment.

Positive public perception of your investments and brand

Society tends to view products and brands more favorably when they show a commitment to environmental responsibility. By prioritizing the environment, your brand gains increased value and positive perception of consumers.

More reliable access to natural resources

You reduce concerns about the depletion of natural resources – by using them properly or
even ensuring their rapid regeneration, which reduces the risk of stopping your

Improving the environment around your investments

By developing your business with care for biodiversity, you allow endangered or rare species
to exist in your surroundings, intentionally caring for their well-being.

Better employer image and employee engagement

Employees are more likely to engage in organizational initiatives and culture that
promotes a pro-ecological approach and pays attention to biodiversity. Responsibility
influences future generations.

Higher quality of relationships with business partners

Companies committed to their own environmental image increasingly prefer ecologically responsible partners for their supply chain, which enhances their overall reputation.

Investment development in harmony with nature is possible.

Reasonable solutions bring real changes to the environment.

We design solutions with long-term effects for the environment.

Short-term actions often do not provide the intended goals for the environment and local community.

We analyse the actual environmental requirement.

Pattern solutions may disturb the existing ecological system.

We increase the value of the company.

Pioneers in adopting formal guidelines in the field of biodiversity are attractive partners.

Biodiversity in the standard of your investments provides long-term benefits

By including biodiversity in ESG strategy, our clients have a chance to obtain better financing conditions for their investments and gain additional value in investor assessments.

Many companies do not take advantage of the benefits of developing in harmony with nature

We want our clients to be up to date, adapting to the 2030 strategy and preparing for climate change.

What is the result of a efficient combination of business and nature?

When supporting our clients, we make sure that the implementation of BMP has long-term benefits.

Our focus is on enhancing the organization’s value, improving its public image, and delivering environmental benefits to the local ecosystem where your investment is situated.

We accompany our partners on their journey to biodiversity

In our clients’ investments, we take into account local conditions and those related to the operation of the investment, the so-called “site specific”.

We take great care so the activities we introduce do not disrupt the functionality of your project.

In the investments in which we participate, you will actually see our experts on-site

Michał Jaśkiewicz

Return on investment is just the beginning of the benefits of biodiversity

Your investment in harmony with nature not only protects the natural environment. It also increases the importance of your organization.

Over time, your organization will become the preferred supplier for customers who prioritize ESG considerations.

Challenges for the effective implementation of biodiversity management plans

People responsible for ESG and BMP in renewable energy projects, manufacturing firms, and the food industry have shared with us the difficulties they face.


Obtaining administrative permits is not easy

Acceptance of investments by the authority requires extensive documentation, analyses and consents issued by institutions. Assembling a team of experts is often required to develop the necessary documentation. Without authority consent, these investments cannot proceed.


Climate change complicates regulations

Climate change determines the need for changes in regulations. The implementation of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals proves difficult when they need to be turned into practical guidelines.


With many investments, execution is difficult

Turning the general guidelines of legislators into a practical plan ready for implementation on investments bordering on miracles. Scaling these tactics across multiple investments (such as numerous solar farms) is even more challenging.


Bank requirements for investment financing

Banks and investment funds expect businesses to meet guidelines for sustainable development and biodiversity management in order to offer financing.


Increasing public pressure

Growing public pressure from external customers and internal stakeholders, including employees, force companies to adopt climate protection strategies or risk being perceived as negligent.


Limited access to natural resources

Not implementing the proper conservation plans meets with a negative public reaction.


Outdated practices of conservation

The environmental impact of businesses can no longer be ignored. It’s a moral obligation, not just an image-related solution. Relying solely on practices like planting meadows and forests is no longer sufficient.


Non-financial reporting begins to matter

Partners, society, investors and holding companies expect non-financial reporting. This requires the development and execution of a plan that includes biodiversity management, among other elements.


Investment monitoring is ignored

Monitoring investments is a challenge, once the formal requirements have been fulfilled, financing is secured, and permits are obtained. Neglecting this aspect can lead to financial penalties.

We combine many tools that support the achievement of environmental goals

Depending on your situation, we select appropriate practical methods to achieve the strategic goals of your company or investment.

We set indicators, help enforce and measure them. Our catalog of services includes:

Environmental decisions and procedures

We help prepare the documentation required by the governmental authorities, financial institutions or investors, to obtain a favorable investment decision.

Wildlife inventories and monitoring

We check the actual state of nature (trees, animals, etc.) in a selected location to determine the possibility of establishing or developing an investment.

Natural, environmental and dendrological supervisions

We know how to react when the balance in nature is disturbed and we can restore a safe balance in investments.

Biodiversity management

We develop and actively participate in the implementation of strategies that minimize effects of changes resulting from construction and energy investments, as well as projects related to water management, forestry, agriculture and transport.

Sustainable development

We support planning and taking actions that build credibility and the image of a
responsible entrepreneur by assessing the condition of the environment and real
estate and verifying documentation.

Climate protection

We recommend solutions that improve the condition of investments and the environment by analyzing the effects of climate change and resistance to expected natural disasters, in the context of investment implementation.

Consult us about your investment or business situation.

Our environmental services and nature expertises related to the design, construction and operation of investments cover the entire project life cycle: from planning and design to implementation and operation.

As part of a free consultation, we will try to understand your situation and recommend a
course of action. You will gain an understanding of your current situation and the steps to be taken, all at no cost.